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HS Code 45041045: Agglomerated Cork Stoppers

Agglomerated cork stoppers, not tapered, wholly of cork, and with a thickness (or length) greater than the maximum diameter fall under HS Code 45041045. In this article, we will explore the details of this HS code, including its product description, duty rates, quantity unit, special tariff preference programs, and the importing/exporting US states. Product Description: Agglomerated cork stoppers are a type of closure commonly used in the wine and spirits industry. These stoppers are made from small particles of cork that are compressed together to form a solid piece. Unlike tapered cork stoppers, which gradually narrow towards one end, agglomerated cork stoppers have a consistent diameter throughout their length. These stoppers are made entirely from cork, a natural material derived from the bark of the cork oak tree. Bound / MFN Duty Rate: The bound or Most Favored Nation (MFN) duty rate for HS Code 45041045 is free. This means that countries must provide duty-free treatment for the importation of agglomerated cork stoppers. When a country lowers a trade barrier or opens up a market, it must do so for the same goods or services from all its trading partners. This promotes fair and equal trade opportunities. Quantity Unit: The quantity unit for HS Code 45041045 is kilograms (KG). This unit of measurement is used to determine the weight of the agglomerated cork stoppers being imported or exported. Special Tariff Preference Programs: Agglomerated cork stoppers falling under HS Code 45041045 are eligible for special tariff preference programs in several countries. These programs provide additional benefits, such as duty-free treatment or special rates, for importers and exporters. The following countries offer special tariff preference programs for agglomerated cork stoppers: 1. Australia (Special Rate) 2. Bahrain (Special Rate) 3. Canada (NAFTA - duty-free treatment) 4. Chile (Special Rate) 5. European Union (Generalized System of Preferences - duty-free treatment) 6. Israel (Special Rate - duty-free treatment) 7. Japan (Special Rate) 8. Jordan (Special Rate) 9. Morocco (Special Rate) 10. Mexico (NAFTA - duty-free treatment) 11. Oman (Special Rate) 12. Dominican Republic-Central America (DR-CAFTA - Special Rate) 13. Peru (Special Rate) 14. Singapore (Special Rate) These special tariff preference programs aim to promote trade and strengthen economic relations between the countries involved. Importing and Exporting US States: Agglomerated cork stoppers falling under HS Code 45041045 can be imported or exported to and from various US states. The specific importing and exporting states may vary depending on market demand and trade relationships. It is advisable to consult with customs authorities or trade experts to determine the current importing and exporting states for agglomerated cork stoppers. HS Code 45041045 represents agglomerated cork stoppers that are not tapered, wholly made of cork, and have a thickness (or length) greater than the maximum diameter. These stoppers enjoy duty-free treatment and are eligible for special tariff preference programs in several countries. By understanding the details of this HS code, importers and exporters can navigate trade regulations more effectively and take advantage of the benefits provided by special tariff preference programs.

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