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HS Code 45041047: Corks, Stoppers, Disks, Wafers, and Washers of Agglomerated Cork

When it comes to the trade of cork products, HS Code 45041047 is the reference code for corks, stoppers, disks, wafers, and washers of agglomerated cork. This code is used for customs purposes to classify and identify these specific cork products.

Agglomerated cork is a type of cork that is created by compressing small cork granules together using heat and pressure. The resulting material is versatile and commonly used in various industries, including wine and spirits, cosmetics, and even aerospace.

Importing and exporting these cork products require understanding the relevant trade regulations and duty rates. Let's delve deeper into the details:

Product Description:

Bound / MFN Duty Rate:

The bound duty rate refers to the maximum tariff rate that a country can impose on a particular product. In the case of HS Code 45041047, the bound or Most Favored Nation (MFN) duty rate is currently set to free. This means that importing these cork products does not incur any customs duties.

It's important to note that countries may choose to lower their trade barriers or open up their markets. When they do so, they have to provide the same treatment to all goods and services from their trading partners. This ensures fair and equal trade opportunities.

Quantity Unit:

The quantity unit for HS Code 45041047 is kilograms (KG). This unit of measurement is used to determine the weight of the imported or exported cork products.

Special Tariff Preference Programs:

Several special tariff preference programs are available for the import and export of corks, stoppers, disks, wafers, and washers of agglomerated cork. These programs aim to promote trade, development, and economic cooperation between countries. The following countries and regions enjoy special rates or duty-free treatment:

Importing US States and Exporting US States:

HS Code 45041047 applies to both imports and exports involving the United States. The specific states involved in the importation or exportation of corks, stoppers, disks, wafers, and washers of agglomerated cork may vary depending on market demand and supply. However, some of the prominent importing and exporting states in the US include:

Importing US States: (Add relevant importing states)

Exporting US States: (Add relevant exporting states)

Understanding the HS Code 45041047 and its associated details is crucial for businesses and individuals involved in the trade of corks and related products. It ensures compliance with customs regulations, facilitates international trade, and promotes economic growth.

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