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HS Code 84139110: Parts of Fuel-Injection Pumps for Compression-Ignition Engines

The HS Code 84139110 refers to parts of fuel-injection pumps specifically designed for compression-ignition engines. These parts are essential components of the fuel injection system, which plays a crucial role in the efficient functioning of diesel engines.

When it comes to international trade, the HS code is used to classify products for customs purposes. It helps in identifying the specific goods being imported or exported and determines the applicable customs duties and regulations. In the case of HS Code 84139110, it is used to classify and regulate the trade of parts of fuel-injection pumps for compression-ignition engines.

The bound or Most-Favored-Nation (MFN) duty rate for HS Code 84139110 is 2.5%. This means that whenever a country lowers a trade barrier or opens up a market, it must apply the same duty rate of 2.5% to all its trading partners for these specific goods or services. This rate ensures fair and equal treatment for all countries involved in trade.

The quantity unit for HS Code 84139110 is "no units collected (X)." This indicates that the quantity of these parts is not measured in a specific unit, but rather classified as a non-quantifiable item. The absence of a quantity unit suggests that the customs value for these parts is determined based on other factors, such as the value of the entire fuel-injection pump or other relevant criteria.

Furthermore, there are several special tariff preference programs applicable to HS Code 84139110. These programs provide certain countries with preferential treatment, including duty-free access to the US market. The programs include:

In terms of importing, HS Code 84139110 is imported by various US states, including Alaska, Arizona, Alabama, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. These states play a significant role in the importation of these parts, indicating the demand and importance of fuel-injection pump components in those regions.

On the other hand, HS Code 84139110 is exported by US states such as Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Nevada. These states contribute to the exportation of fuel-injection pump parts, highlighting their manufacturing capabilities and competitiveness in the global market.

Overall, HS Code 84139110 represents parts of fuel-injection pumps for compression-ignition engines. The code is used for classification, customs duties, and regulations related to the import and export of these components. The presence of various special tariff preference programs indicates the importance of fair trade and providing preferential treatment to certain countries. The import and export activities involving HS Code 84139110 demonstrate the significance of fuel-injection pump parts and their role in the automotive industry.

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