Harmonized System Codes • Schedule B • Harmonized Commodity Description

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Buckets and pails, of plastics , nesoi
Nursing nipples and finger cots
Specified sanitary, invalid and nursing products, and fittings therefor, of plastics
Handles and knobs, not used as fittings for furniture, coachwork or the like, of plastics
Parts for yachts or pleasure boats of heading 8903 and watercraft not used with motors or sails, of plastics
Handbags made of beads, bugles and spangles, of plastics
Beads, bugles and spangles, not strung or set; articles thereof, nesoi, of plastics
Articles of apparel & clothing accessories, of plastic, nesoi
Imitation gemstones, of plastics
Gaskets, washers and other seals, of plastics
Photo albums
Frames or mounts for photographic slides, of plastics
V-belts of plastics, containing textile fibers
Belting and belts (except V-belts) for machinery, of plastics, containing predominately vegetable fibers
Belting and belts (except V-belts) for machinery, of plastics, containing predominately man-made fibers
Belting and belts (except V-belts) for machinery, of plastics, containing textile fibers nesoi
Belting and belts (except V-belts) for machinery, of plastics, not containing textile fibers
Clothespins, spring type, of plastics
Clothespins, other than spring type, of plastics
Pneumatic mattresses and other inflatable articles, nesoi, of plastics
Waterbed mattresses and liners and parts of the foregoing, of plastics
Empty cartridges and cassettes for typewriter and machine ribbons, of plastics
Fasteners, in clips suitable for use in a mechanical attaching device, of plastics
Flexible document binders with tabs, rolled or flat, of plastics
Cards, not punched, suit. for jacquard cards; jacquard cards & jacquard heads for power-driven weaving mach, etc;& trans sheet plast 30%lead
Casing for bicycle derailleur cable;and casing for cable or inner wire for caliper and cantilever bake,whether or not cut length; of plastic
Other articles of plastic, nesoi
Chloroacetic acid, sodium salt (CAS No. 3926-62-3)(in subheading 2915.40.50)
Decorative plates, sculptures, plaques etc. in subheading 3926.40.00
Seals of polyester fabric bonded over a silicone core, designed for use in airplanes (provided for in subheading 3926.90.00 or 5911.90.00)
Other meat and edible meat offal not elsewhere specified or included, fresh, chilled or frozen
Curdled milk/cream/kephir & other fermentd or acid. milk/cream subject to add US note 10 to Ch.4
Other live plants nesoi, other than those with soil attached to roots
Cheeses & subst. for cheese (incl. mixt.), nesoi, w/ or from swiss, emmentaler or gruyere, subj. to add. US note 22 to Ch.4, not GN15
Fruit and nuts nesi, including mixtures containing nuts, provisionally preserved, but not for immediate consumption
Other vegetable materials nesoi
Edible mixt. & preps (ex. dairy products descr. in add. US note 1 to Ch. 4), nesoi
Prepared or preserved meat, meat offal or blood, nesi
Sugars and sugar syrups, and articles containing sugar, neosi
Sugar confectionery, w/o cocoa, nesoi
Flour-, meal-, starch-, malt extract- or dairy-based food preps not containing cocoa and not containing specific amounts of dairy, nesoi
Bakers' wares communion wafers, empty capsules suitable for pharmaceutical use, sealing wafers, rice paper and similar products, nesi
Chocolate and preps w/cocoa, nesoi, not put up for retail sale
Nonalcoholic beverages, nesi, not including fruit or vegetable juices of heading 2009
Sauces and preparations therefor, neosi
Other inorganic bases; other metal oxides, hydroxides and peroxides, nesoi
Other complex fluorine salts, nesoi
Cyclic hydrocarbons, nesoi
Polysulfides; sulfides, other than those of zinc and cadmium
Salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids nesoi, excluding azides
Polymers of ethylene, nesoi, in primary forms, other than elastomeric
Polysulfides, polysulfones & other products specified in note 3 to chapter 39, nesoi
Interchangeable tire treads and tire flaps, of rubber other than natural rubber, except bicycle rim strips, nesoi
Postcards, printed or illustrated
Printed cards (except postcards) bearing personal greetings, messages or announcements, with or without envelopes or trimmings
Yarn of wool nesoi, or fine animal hair nesoi, < 85% of that wool/hair, put up for retail sale, nesoi
Woven fabrics of carded wool/fine animal hair, containing less than 85% wool or hair, nesoi
Woven fabrics of combed wool or combed fine animal hair, nesoi
Yarn of other vegetable textile fibers, nesoi
Paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibers, nesoi, in rolls n/o 15 cm wide or rectangular sheets nesoi
Nonaromatic epoxides, epoxyalcohols, epoxyphenols and epoxyethers, with a three-membered ring, and their derivatives, nesoi
Floor coverings consisting of a coating or covering applied on textile backing, with textile base other than of needleloom felt or nonwovens
Textile hosepiping and similar textile tubing of vegetable fibers, with or without lining, armor or accessories of other materials
Textile hosepiping and similar textile tubing nesoi, with or without lining, armor or accessories of other materials
Knitted or crocheted fabrics nesoi, width not exceeding 30 cm, other than those of heading 6001 or 6002
Knitted or crocheted fabrics, width exceeding 30 cm, containing 5% or more of rubber thread, other than those of heading 6001
Other knitted or crocheted fabrics nesoi, other than of wool, cotton or manmade fibers & containing < 85% by wt of silk/silk waste
Men's or boys' overcoats, carcoats, etc., of tex mats (other than wool, cotton or mmf), cont less than 70% wt silk, knitted or crocheted
Babies' garments and clothing accessories, of textile mats(except wool, cotton or mmf), cont under 70% by wt of silk or silk waste, not k/c
Parts of garments or of clothing accessories(excl those of heading 6212), containing under 70% by weight of silk or silk waste, n/knit/croc
Hats and headgear, of textile materials (other than of cotton, flax, wool or mmf),nesoi
Footwear, nesoi, w/outer soles and uppers other than of rubber/plastics/leather/comp. leather/textile materials
Iron or steel, knitting needles, bodkins, crochet hooks, embroidery stilettos and similar articles for use in the hand
Copper alloys (o/than brass/bronze/cupro-nickel/nickel silver), plates, sheets & strip, w/thick. o/0.15mm but less th/5mm & width less 500mm
Imitation jewelry not of base metal or plastics, nesoi, over 20 cents/dozen pcs or pts
Iron/nonalloy steel, width 600mm+, flat-rolled products, plated or coated, nesoi
Articles of cutlery, nesoi, and base metal parts of cutlery, nesoi
Alloy steel (o/than hi-speed/silico-mang.), wire (o/than flat or round wire)
Railway or tramway track construction material and other materials specialized for joing or fixing rails, of iron or steel, nesoi
Base metal clasps, frames with clasps not incorporating a lock, and like articles, and base metal parts thereof
Synthetic staple fibers, not carded, combed or otherwise processed for spinning, nesoi
Women's or girls' overcoats, carcoats, etc., of tex mats (other than wool, cotton or mmf), cont less than 70% wt of silk, knitted/crocheted
Sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts, vests and sim articles, of text mat (except wool, cotton or mmf), containing under 70% by wt of silk, k/c
Babies garments and clothing accessories, of textile materials (except wool, cotton or mmf), containing under 70% by weight of silk, k/c
Felt, impregnated, coated or covered, nesoi
Textile yarn and strip and the like of heading 5404 or 5405, impregnated, coated, covered or sheathed with rubber or plastics, nesoi
Twine, cordage, rope and cables, of materials nesoi
Other garment, nesoi, of textile materials (except wool, cotton or mmf), containing under 70% by wt of silk or silk waste, knitted/crocheted
Warp knit fabric (including made on galloon knit machine), not of wool/fine animal hair, cotton or manmade fiber, not of headings 6001-6004
Parts of garments or of clothing accessories, containing under 70% by weight of silk or silk waste, knitted or crocheted
Other office machines, nesoi
Parts of electric sound or visual signaling apparatus, nesoi
Parts of taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like, nesi
Parts of aircraft (o/than airplanes and helicopters), spacecraft (o/than comm. satell.) and suborbital and launch vehicles, nesoi
Parts & accessories for apparatus & equipment for photographic (incl. cinematographic) labs, nesoi, negatoscopes, & projection screens
Optical elements nesi, unmounted
Parts and accessories of liquid crystal devices nesoi, and optical appliances and instruments, nesoi
Parts and accessories of measuring or checking instruments, appliances and machines, nesoi
Watch movements, complete and assembled, not electrically operated or automatic winding, measuring 33.8 mm or less, over 17 jewels
Military weapons, nesoi
Articles nesoi for arcade, table or parlor games & parts & access.; automatic bowling alley equipment & parts and accessories thereof
Spark-ignition rotary or reciprocating internal-combustion piston engines, for machinery or equipment nesi
Compression-ignition internal-combustion piston engines, for machinery or equipment, nesi
Parts for engines of heading 8412 other than hydrojet engines for marine propulsion
Parts of air or vacuum pumps and ventilating or recycling hoods
Parts of windshield wipers of a kind used for motor vehicles or cycles
Parts of mechanical appliances for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids or powders, fire extinguishers and similar machines, nesi
Parts of machinery for the industrial preparation or manufacture of food or drink, other than sugar manufacturing, nesi
Parts of electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters and other domestic electrothermic appliance, nesi
Parts of machines for the handling of textile yarns, fabrics or made up textile articles, nesi
Knitting machines other than circular or flat knitting; machines for making gimped yarn, tulle, trimmings or net; machines for tufting
Parts of machines for manufacturing or hot working glass or glassware