Harmonized System Codes • Schedule B • Harmonized Commodity Description

Type Information
HS Code 57025052 (5702.50.52)
Product description Carpets & other textile floor coverings, not of pile construction, woven, not made up, of man-made textile materials

The goods with HS code 570250300 refer to hand-woven carpets made of wool or fine animal hair. These carpets are known for their intricate designs and high quality.
Bound? 4.7%
Every time a country lowers a trade barrier or opens up a market, it has to do so for the same goods or services from all its trading partners
Quantity unit square meters (M2)
MFN duty rate 4.7%
Every time a country lowers a trade barrier or opens up a market, it has to do so for the same goods or services from all its trading partners.
Special tariff preference programs Free (BH,CA,CL,IL,JO,MX,P,PE,SG) 3% (AU) 0.40% (MA) 2.8% (OM)


Free :
Bahrain Special Rate

NAFTA for Canada (duty-free treatment)

Chile Special Rate

Israel Special Rate (duty-free treatment)

Jordan Special Rate

NAFTA for Mexico

Dominican Republic-Central American Special Rate (DR-CAFTA)

Peru Special Rate

Singapore Special Rate

3% :
Australia Special Rate

0.40% :
Morocco Special Rate

2.8% :
Oman Special Rate

Importing US states
Exporting US states
Code in major importing and exporting languages
  • سجاد وأغطية أرضيات أخر من الغزل والنسيج، وليس بناء كومة، المنسوجة، لا تتكون من مواد نسجية من صنع الإنسان
  • Teppiche und andere textilen Bodenbelägen, ohne Flor, gewebt, nicht aus, aus synthetischen Spinnstoffen
  • Alfombras y demás revestimientos para el suelo, sin aterciopelar, tejidas, sin confeccionar, de materias textiles sintéticas o artificiales
  • Tapis et autres revêtements de sol en matières textiles, non de velours, tissés, non confectionnés, en matières textiles synthétiques ou artificielles
  • कालीन और अन्य कपड़ा फ्लोर कवरिंग, ढेर निर्माण की नहीं, बुना, बना नहीं, मानव निर्मित वस्त्र सामग्री की
  • カーペット&いない杭工事の他の繊維床材、人造繊維材料で、作らない、織り
  • 양탄자하지 더미 건설의 기타 방직 용 섬유제의 바닥 깔개, 인공 섬유 재료, 만든하지 짠
  • Tapetes e outros revestimentos para pavimentos, não aveludados, tecidos, não confeccionadas, de matérias têxteis sintéticas ou artificiais
  • Ковры и прочие текстильные напольные покрытия, не свайного строительства, тканые, не накрашенная, из искусственных текстильных материалов
  • 地毯及其他纺织地板覆盖物不是桩施工,编织,未制成的人造纺织材料
57025020-carpets- -other-textile-floor-coverings-not-of
57025040-carpets- -other-textile-floor-coverings-not-of
57025052-carpets- -other-textile-floor-coverings-not-of
57025056-carpets- -other-textile-floor-coverings-not-of
57025059-carpets- -other-textile-floor-coverings-not-of
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