Harmonized System Codes • Schedule B • Harmonized Commodity Description

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Bones & horn-cores, unworked, defatted, simply prepared (but not cut to shape) or degelatinized; powder & waste of these products
Food preparations of gelatin, neosi
Synthetic silica gel
Silicon dioxide, other than synthetic silica gel
Inedible gelatin and animal glue valued under 88 cents per kg
Inedible gelatin and animal glue valued 88 cents or more per kg
Gelatin sheets and derivatives, nesoi; isinglass; other glues of animal origin, nesoi
Paper/paperboard/cell wadding/webs of cell fibers, all/partly covered w/flock/gelatin/metal/metal solutions, in certain strip/rolls/sheets
Gel preparation use human/veterinary medicine lubricant in surgical operation, physical exam or coupling agent tween body & med instrument
Spiegeleisen in blocks or other primary forms
Pig iron, spiegeleisen, and iron or steel granules
Pig iron, spiegeleisen, and iron or steel (o/than alloy steel) powders
Unhardened gelatin, worked and articles thereof
Salt, pepper, mustard and ketchup dispensers and similar dispensers, of plastics
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