Harmonized System Codes • Schedule B • Harmonized Commodity Description

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Drawings, engravings, etchings and similar articles bound or unbound, and exposed photographic films for use of religious institutions
Painted, colored or stained glass windows and parts valued over $161 per square meter, by a professional artist, for religious institutions
Regalia for the use of religious institutions
Handwoven fabrics, to be used by religious institutions in making religious vestments for its own use or sale
Altars, pulpits, communion tables, fonts, mosaics, shrines and similar articles for use of religious institutions
Drawings and plans, reproductions, engravings, globes, sound recordings and similar articles for use of public institutions
Sculptures and statuary for use of any public or nonprofit institutions for educational, scientific, philosophical or fine arts purposes
Any textile machine or machinery, or part thereof, solely for the instruction of students in any public or nonprofit institutions
Instruments and apparatus, not manufactured in the U.S., to be used in nonprofit institutions for educational or scientific purposes
Lifeboats and life-saving apparatus for lifesaving institutions
Radiation apparatus (including parts or accessories) for nonprofit institutions for educational, scientific or therapeutic purposes