Harmonized System Codes • Schedule B • Harmonized Commodity Description

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Peel of orange or citron, fresh, frozen, dried or provisionally preserved in brine, in sulfur water or other preservative solutions
Carmine food coloring solutions, cont cochineal carmine lake and paprika oleoresins, not including any synthetic organic coloring matter
Concentrates of essential oils; terpenic by-product of the deterpenation of essential oils; aqueous distillates& solutions of essential oils
Various chemicals and mixtures for electroplating and other plating solutions, printed circuit boards, plastics, and metal finishings
Solutions and dispersions of rubber, unvulcanized, compounded with other than carbon black or silica
Paper/paperboard/cell wadding/webs of cell fibers, all/partly covered w/flock/gelatin/metal/metal solutions, in certain strip/rolls/sheets
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